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Training creates acceptance

Also the largest investment in consultation, software and infrastructure can become written "into the wind", if the new solution does not find broad acceptance. Training is the link between the availability of a solution and its motivated use. It is important that practical and technically oriented training courses obtain the use of CRM solutions. In particular the bow is to be struck between the new application and the internalized operational reality . Only user's representatives, who must be always included into the training concepts, can do this.

The communicative and customer-oriented authority of the employees is in the center of training.

Increasing fluctuation of call center employees as well as the costs resulting from it force the management to become conscious of the responsibility in the sense of the employee's loyality. There is an increasing need at specific knowledge, in order to be able to meet the requirements of the market adequately. Because the more you develop the abilities of all employees, the more large the motivation and satisfaction are. Thus you can also keep fluctuation lowly.

We offer an extensive training and educational provision for all activities and functions of call center agents. Our workshops offers a service for qualification of employees and middle high-level personnel. The different requirements of the call center are illustrated and prepared from view of the operational everyday life.

Whether you want to engage new agents or to take already existing empolyees to a call center - our seminars obtain the necessary requirements and strengthen the communicative and customer-oriented activities of the participants lastingly. A substantial component of a CRM solution is the training and the motivation of the users. We would like to achieve and guarantee a fast training of the users that the extensive possibilities of a CRM solution can be fully used. We train your users in basic technical functionality.

High-level personnel of the middle leadership level such as team and group leaders are equipped with technical and social authority.

Our training offers concrete knowledge and solution authority to deciding and practical persons for all inquiries of the current enterprise of a call center. By this offer team leaders can specialize further, call center managers can argue with details and/or become acquainted with new instruments. Also responsible persons, who stand before investment decisions, can inform comprehensively about chances and risks to the topic.

The agents are the image of a company - we make them and thus your company successful.


2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr