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Information technology as meaningful addition

Ever more employess are called to arrange their organizational surrounding field themselves. Whereupon they were frequently not prepared. They know neither, how they are to concern such projects, nor have the conceptions about organizational solution principles and their suitability. Apart from philosophy the employment of user-specific software is the center of attention.

Self management

The time and self management training connect the techniques of a good scheduling with elements of the self experience, because we consider that plate ready-made solutions are only a little helpful also in questions of the effective scheduling plate. For this reason the special interests of the personality of each participant are worked out, because only if one knows for example, how everyone brings oneself particularly in time emergency, how he is able to shirk certain things completely,

which avoidance strategies one uses and so on, one can work purposefully on it. In addition everyone has a special working environment, and which may be for one the helpful technology, perhaps it cannot be used at all by the other one. Based on an actual state analysis, individual strategies are developed together with the respective participant, in order to use time better in the future.

Consulting for Self Management

Project management

Project management is established internationally on the one hand as independent field of knowledge and on the other hand a new career profile has been developped.

Projects are usually complex, they must to be completed in a certain time with a certain budget and are supposed to obtain qualitatively high-standing results.

The knowledge about the technical contents,
thus WHAT, is usually available in the enterprise. Frequently however the methodical apparatus, thus HOW, is missing or also the experience and security of using it.

The aim of the further training to the project manager is to manage projects successfully and result-orientedly.

Consulting for Project Management

Travel management

Whether you are entrusted with planning of business trips or with the administration of travel control, your professional assistence is always on demand! It is demanded of you to hold thereby the balance between austerity policy, for correct observance of legal and internal regulations and the "desires" and

objectives of the travelling superiors and
employees. Therefore you need profound knowledge about the travel management. In our seminars and lectures you experience, which software and methods are currently used for the on-line flight reservation e.g., how travel account software has proved satisfactorily in practice and how legal changes are considered.

Consulting for Travel Management

2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr