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Development with competence: IT seminars

In order to use modern software optimally, a founded training is a requiremeng.

Co-operation with a training partner, who reacts to the IT structures and specific advanced training needs of the enterprise individually and offers flexible solutions, is crucial.

Professionalism, quality and experience
The consultation makes the beginning.
It is decisive to speak before beginning of a seminar with competent partners about the own objectives because individual IT environments require customized further training solutions.

We know the products, methods and developments from practice by successful, service and advisory activities of several years.
These experiences as well as your objektives let us always develop new seminar variants.

Adapted , flexible contents

An objective of each seminar is not only a thorough training in safe handling the program products relevant for setting of tasks, but above all the optimization of the own workflow.
By the conception of exemplary operational sequences and time-saving application type, you are prepared in the best possible way for a professional solution of your respective setting of tasks.

We offer seminars about the following subjects:

  • EDP bases
  • office and data bases
  • graphics, treatment of pictures, layout
  • internet and web design

Our offer is adapted and extended constantly to the current software.

2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr