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Magazine types
The different publication types

Magazines of companies appear periodically, always pursue an accurately defined purpose and address themselves to a clearly outlined target group. Purpose and target group determine contents, organization and appearance.

Technical periodical

Technical periodicals are characterised by concentration and profoundness concerning the content. Technical writers represent specialized information in detail here, facet-rich and understandable for decision makers or for decision preparers in development, production, purchase and service. Topics are specific technique trends just as as new product rows and systems, exemplary applications and solutions, after sales achievements, market segment developments and much more besides. They appear as report, specialized comment, expert essay, interview or simple message.

Magazine for decision makers

Magazines for decision makres are throughout optical and graphically high-quality media. Often they offer personalized articles for top managers and managing directors from most different ranges of topics whicxh are prepared by journalists, obtain opinions and also allow external perspectives thereby. On at least 48 pages trends as well as lnnovations are lighted and aids for decision making are offered. The means for that purpose are reportage, report, comment, expert essay and interview as well as message and portrait. Also announcements may not be missing.

Business newsletter

Short reports and current messages to a class of business such as industry, trade or service are the outstanding features concerning the content of many newsletters . Due to their text forms they orient themselves at the appearance of newspapers - both in the format and in the coloredness. They have never more than 16 pages. Through its clear adjustment on messages newsletters offer a scarcely held overview of business as a rule which is however more diversified. They are not the medium for concentrated lnformation.

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