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Realizing visual ideas meaningfully

Text and graphic information support the effect of the verbal presentation. Our slides offer the concise presentation framework for power point. They are to summarize contents scarcely and clearly. Simple graphics and short texts help the public to take up the information without effort.

Technically and essentially good, but badly presented contents miss the effect. Too many and only laboriously readable texts and incomprehensible charts are an annoyance for the audience. The presentation loses at interest and reliability. And the lack of form is interpreted as lack of authority!

Therefore a convincing presentation also requires consciously arranged slides.

These demands are in the center of attention:

  • easy detectability
  • good legibility
  • order
  • uniformity after formative basic principles

Consulting for Presentations

2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr