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It is so simple to make everything correctly

Instants decide

Yes or no, staying or paging - it is decided in fractions of seconds whether a reader will be concerned with an announcement. And there is no absolutely safe prescription how to reach the reader.

Here creativity is in demand. An attractive picture, an interesting perspective, an attraction word, an element of surprise - come up with something! Everything is permitted that siuts your activities, which is attractive and enjoys. Only conditions are an appropriate quality level. And: It corresponds to the corporate design.

Each announcement shapes the appearance

Each announcement is an alive contribution for the entire appearence of an enterprise. In this sense each individual announcement must take effect and may not not irritate. In addition: With the design of layouts for announcements and with shifting ideas it is easier not to start with zero - if there exists defaults which are considered and relied on by everyone.

Design elements help

They define the playing field, on which creativity can unfold fully for the advantage of an enterprise. True to the maxim "less is more" They are limited to a minimum of regulations. At the same time they ensure, that all our messages are clearly assigned and further contribute to the familiar picture. And they offer all maximum clearance to us to pack our messages individually and with rich ideas. Thus formal guidelines and creative conversion complement each other constructionally.

Whether large, whether small: With text-oriented announcements everything functions - under two conditions: The statement is worth their privileged position and the typography is clear.

2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr