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Uniform appearance - convincing communication

Creating an own identity

In the multicolored landscape of the printed media it is hard for enterprise publications: Ever more and ever more complex purchase and firm title compete with one another. In order to maintain ground in this competition around the reader, not only a concise appearance up-to-date is necessary, but also its own formal identity.

A mirror of the enterprise

Firm publications reflect the attitude of the publisher in their design too: An enterprise pursues consistently its goals - content customers, convinced investors and excellent employees. This determination must be represented also in the publications.

No contradiction: Uniformity and differentiation

The corporate design makes a uniform appearance possible for all print media of an enterprise. This becomes crucial e.g., if several publications are issued together, dilivered or presented to customers. Corporate logo and recognition characteristics such as color and grid pattern create a high recognizing value. Beyond that they obtain the impression of good information and design quality. The different color variants and the generous picture formats expatiate for their own representation simultaneously, without challeging the homogeneity of the appearance of an enterprise thereby.


2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr