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Whether in block letters, in publications or on exhibition and/or information boards: Again and again information graphic is on demand - for simple, symbolful representations exactly the same as for the complex graphic conversion of information.

In each of these cases information graphic is a chance, in double regard: On the one hand symbols, pictures and indications are not read, '' but captured as picture'' - more directly and faster than the written word. In ideal case information graphics are even self-describing and independently of the language. And: Their contents remember as general context - also more complex connections become comprehensible. On the other hand however information graphics also tell something about the self understanding of the informant: It is more carrier of image - and therefore it is a corporate design element.

Leaflets are an important sign: Often they are the first contact, which prospektive customers have with us. A well arranged leaflet invites to read and so it induces the customers to deal with our offers.

It also applies for leaflets: Only with a uniform line we disassociate ourselves clearly from the competition. The corporate styleguides are always decisive for the design.

Thus company name and corporate logo become immaterial goods of highest importance. Therefore careful handling these values is a completely substantial component of the enterprise and product communication and thus of the corporate design. Everyone representing hinself under the company name and the corporate logo of his enterprise or his institution, uses the advantages of a high name recognition of branding and the associated positive values. Therefore everyone must contribute the consistent preservation of these values. The business stationery contributes a substantial part as in the context of enterprise communication, the appearence of the enterprise, objectives, in order to transport product promises and images to the receiver. For this the principles of design supply the basis within the corporate design guidelines.

2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr