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About the topic "correspondence" ...

Business stationery carry the message of the enterprise, of the institution etc. outward, are offers of the services for customers and prospective customers. They contribute substantially to the forming of an opinion in the public.

Beyond the correspondence is the pure function of the information transfer an element of the image and the self-manifestation of the enterprise. Therefore each letter, which we send away internally or externally, must have a completely determined form - a face. Concerning the communication becoming more intensive and faster the formal and contentwise quality as well as the uniformity must remain granted within the correspondence.

The principle is simple:

  • key in the data
  • typing the text
  • print it out

The image of an enterprise

More strongly than within other ranges the design elements are simultaneously carriers of information in the corporate design for business stationery. They have the function to make the structure of the enterprise transparent outward. They can fulfill this task only if an enterprise-far uniformity of the design is guaranteed. The letter form ranks among the carriers of the corporate design, which finds use in daily handling customers and partners most frequently.

Besides the electronic correspondence gains very fast significance. Ever more empolyees - national and international ones - must deal with the electronic media and learn systems, contents and formalisms to control.

We provide document templates for word-processing software. These easy-to-use software packages are modular, user-friendly, and designed specifically for the PC.

2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr