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The CD components "coporate logo, name, signets"

Company name and corporate logo are important immaterial goods of highest value for an enterprise.

The CD component "color"

The requirement on quality, vitality, ability for innovation and sympathy is expressed by the coloured total appearance clearly.

The CD component "typeface"

The third central design element is the typeface. It is an important means for our visual appearance, because it is read like our handwriting: Also the typographic appearance steps into dialogue with the reader and reflects - exactly the same as written contents - our identity.

This meaning of the typeface and the necessity for their conscious design following from it are underestimated by many employees.

Quality and achievement should be "read off" directly from each expression of an enterprise.

Type at the PC:
Computer-assisted text processing and DTP (desktop publishing), today almost at each PC available, opened new dimensions here in the last years - up to the possibility of being able to change the proven form of the typeface.
However this "creative play '' with the possibilities of the computer requires ability, responsibility and discipline - otherwise it leads all too fast into the formative "disaster "! Therefore the following rule applies to arranged texts: Set for typeface "normally'' thus in such a way, as it is available in the PC, i.e., as it was specified by the designer of typing.

Arranging typeface consciously:
However it is generally important o us: The typeface must be easy and pleasantly readable, on the other hand it must correspond to the respective contents in its aesthetic seeming.

2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr