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In the context of a comprehensive education concept value and goals of the e-learning-product which can be developed are discussed and finally specified. The better interaction between different training media - about computer based training (CBT), web based training (WBT), seminar, workshop and document - is co-ordinated, the more efficiently the individual parts of the concept can be brought to the employment. Above all the active integration of all with the topic concerned ranges in the enterprise is crucial in this phase if possible: department for personnel development , training, selling and marketing as well as the responsible specialized divisions.

Medium paedagogues participate in the overall view concept, provide together with the specialized experts of the client the educational-didactical concept for the planned e-learning product and write the film script. Commercial artists and software developers, all together specialists with experience of many years, convert the film script graphically and technically. Paedagogues and developers finally accomplish together the final test as well as the pilot employment and genuine employment with the client. This direct co-operation of the different specialized experts leads to products, whose quality level is constantly high.

At least exactly the same attention must be given as much to the employment of an e-learning product as to its production. Thereby a central step is the execution of pilot employments on genuine conditions. Again contentwise, didactical and technical questions can be checked and the organizational operational sequence can be examined. However the examination of the achievement of objectives and the acceptance is crucial. Not least a successful pilot employment is a positive engine for the following genuine employment.

Due to our competence and experience from practice we can make a valuable contribution in this area.

Education management

2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr