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Whether slides, still-picture projector or beamer - presentations must be well structured and deliver a clear message. The presentation technology is not alone crucial thereby - contents and form are the center of attention.

We offer accompanying coaching Presentations on the job and as tele service by E-Mail.

Tip for a successful presentation
  1. No surprises: Check the technical facilities and the room where you are to deliver the presentation in advance.

  2. Quality instead of quantity: Any audience has a limited capacity to absorb information. So it is better to communicate fewer details in a more exact and intensive way.

  3. Less is more: Use slides and charts meaningfully, so that they can unfold their effect. Also graphic elements work better, if they are simply developed and are economically used.

  4. Clearly and concisely: In use of slides clear structure and distinct contrasts provide easy legibility.

  5. Structure creates a view: Pay attention to a clear arrangement of the lecture and tell your audience in advance what to expect..

  6. Actively instead of passively: You can raise the attention level of your audience by involving them in the presentation.

Even if you prepare yourself very thoroughly, be aware that things do not always run smoothly.

Desktop copies and hand outs, suitably to the presentation

One supports lectures and presentations efficiently with simple, reduced slides and charts, which shorten contents on what is essential.

Desktop copies:
Sometimes it is however necessary to show the auditory complex circumstances which are less suitable for a projection. Here it is recommended, to distribute accompanying desktop copies at first, so that the listener can follow the lecture also with details easily. Attached or in a briefcase the lecture is documented - to memory and reading.

Hand outs:
If distributing of documents before or during the presentation does not appear meaningful, these can be handed out also subsequently.

In each case it is desirable that presentation and documents are arranged formally equal. This similarity supports recognizing and the memory ability. landscape format is suited for common format.

Easily to read:
If presentation documents must be copied, then applies: black on white. Most software programs contain simple functions for fading out background.

The trouble, which you spend on medium-fair preparing of the documents, is worthwhile itself: For the quality of the documents should correspond to the quality of your presentation.

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2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr