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Who knows, will win!

Knowledge is more than information. Only by the integration of information into a business context information becomes a valuable and operationally usable knowledge.

In the age of the information economy each enterprise stands before the challenge to use the internal knowledge more effectively than its competitors. Knowledge management is the discipline responsible for it.

Enterprises, which meet the challenges of the global competition purposefully, because they know, which chances are offered thereby for the development of own market position, need a solution, which makes resources of knowledge usable as crucial factor of production. Effective knowledge management is dependent on the individual adjustment to the respective company's structure.

Purposeful knowledge management directs the attention on most important resources of the future market leaders - the team. Knowledge management serves the professionality of the structure of know-how and its safety device by knowledge transfer and knowledge documentation.

Therefore the solution must be customized particularly to individual conditions and nevertheless it should be open so that it may identify the knowledge existing in the enterprise with smallest expenditure, retain it and increase it first of all.

Knowledge management in enterprises lives on the acceptance of the employees. The existing knowledge is subject to a steady examination and evaluation by the empolyees to sense and value for their work. Only by the optimal connection of knowledge with persons and processes the knowledge existing in the enterprise can be used optimally.

Internet technologies offer new chances for the control of knowledge acquisition and knowledge transfer and the safety device of appropriate values in organizations.

Use the internet and your intranet in order to structure your knowledge platforms. Create transparency and promote yourself the purposeful knowledge exchange of your employess among themselves, with partners, with customers and with suppliers. We define the necessary models of an active knowledge management together with our customers.

2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr