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Set goals - plan concretely

In the hectic pace of the everyday life work contents stand usually in the foreground. For the entrepreneurial success labour organization and internal communication are just as important .

In many enterprises employees of all hierarchic levels come increasingly under pressure in the context of their task completion. Ever more they can rarely settle all tasks and activities in the quality wished by them or their superiors. Frequently they go home at the end of an unplanned long working day with the feeling that important tasks lie remained.

Time is for high-level personnel an important and crucial success factor. High work quality, developing and promoting of the employees further as well as the own efficiency can be received only if one is careful with time.

For an effective time and self management the associated techniques and aids offer, like (electronic) schedule books, an important support. But it is crucial to recognize the principles of a suitable time and self management and its behavior by it align. From this lasting and continuous positive effects result on the own person just like on the performance of the employees as well as on co-operation with superiors, colleagues and customers.

Seminars for Self Management

2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr