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Manage customer relations successfully

CRM - customer relation management - means to win the reliable customers and to develop a long-term customer retention. This objective is achieved by efficient co-operation by means of conventional department borders.

CRM is an integrated beginning for management. It integrates and optimizes all processes related to customers in marketing, selling, customer service as well as research and development spreading all departments. This happens on the basis of a data base with an appropriate software at market preparation and on the basis of a sales process defined before. Thereby objective of CRM is the creation of added value on customer and supplier side in the context of business relations.

Changes in the processes and in thinking are crucial for a successful and consistent CRM. This qualification must be created in the enterprise.

(At least) two steps go before the operational employment of CRM : the modelling of the business processes and the creation of an IT infrastructure referred to it, in short CRM solution. Fundamental organizational and completion-technical changes result from it very often.

CRM is more than the conception of the technical solution. We advise enterprises which would like to develop CRM professionally, to operate or restructure. We support to arrange common the interaction between the employees involved, the technology and the organization in order to obtain lasting synergies and to stable customer relations.

A call center is quasi the advancement of the classical switchboard to the integrated customer service center: for product support, complaint management and tasks of selling such as sales and service. Main advantages for the customers are quick and competent support - and around the clock. The call center becomes an important component of a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system more and more.

We consult for structure and optimization of call centers. 70 % of communication is completed using the telephone, the use of e-mail grows rapidly. The new media provided by the internet are increasingly integrated. A perfect integration of voice and IT solutions are the success factor of the future.

Call Center

2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr