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Internet academies and portals for telelearning - the name for offerers on the further training market is just as versatile as confusing. However it is common to them all that they offer an education management, by the assistance of which the knowledge is made target group-fairly available and new channels of communication and interaction are opened. Teaching programs are purposefully bought, in order to qualify the employees and to keep the enterprise competitive.

E-learning is a part of the organizational development - thereby it is not usually done to buy simply a completed learning software. Without having decoded the needs and (project) objectives of an enterprise it may happen in this way easily that the enterprise realizes only afterwards, what would have been really necessary.

Also within the private further training range e-learning keeps increasingly introduction. Thus different universities at home and abroad already offer courses of studies using the internet. This trend will also continue in the future - the demand of flexible further training possibilities rises.

A quality-conscious entrance to the topic begins already in the preliminary stages of the product development.

The knowledge transfer using the net has to be maintained: Not everyone must be able to access all information. The knowledge must be structured and pre-selected for the respective users. Questions at the teletutor by e-Mail should be immediately answered. This ensures the support and the motivation of the learning persons.

Also the technology must comply with certain requirements:

  1. Only learning software with author system provides the possibility to update knowledge permanently.

  2. The range of the nets must be guaranteed.

  3. The technical infrastructure must be equipped suchlike that the enormous quantity of data can be managed too.

  4. Data base, network technology and the integration into management systems must be ensured and always up-to-date.

  5. The selected learning solution should offer the possibility to integrate the training measures. In this way planning and administration of the further training become visible and transparency.


2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr