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Organization is not everything, without organization all is nothing

Constant change in the surrounding field of the enterprises and rising competition pressure make the view and optimal organization of business processes and structures of an enterprise indispensable, in order to be able to meet the market requirements effectively.

Organizational solutions and applications of EDP become ever more complex and exhibit frequently interfaces to the account system, to the controlling, to business planning and to other ranges. So they have to be integrated into the operational environment. In principle organizational innovations, automation of expirations and information systems and the employment of materials must be examined at economical yardsticks for their suitability.

Use the advantages of the PC and organize yourself correctly your routine of the day.

Then annoying, time-consuming and nerve-racking work belongs soon to the past. From setting-up sophisticated data bases, accounting and finances up to filing we are pleased to structure your administration:

  • desktop and software
  • preparation and rework of meetings
  • check lists and forms
  • document management
  • communication
  • dates and tasks
  • reports and statistics
  • improvement of co-operation between high-level personnel and assistence

We develop a solution together with you which is customized to you, your work and your special situation. It is our goal to strengthen the specialized authority in the office.

Then you and your employees can strengthen the turnover-oriented activities to dedicate and more efficient work.

2006-08-29 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr