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Technical periodicals are conceived - like each periodical - for long-term appearance and are to serve an exactly defined target group with specific information. Therefore some questions are to be clarified in the course of planning of a technical periodical.

The most important: Do the innovations and solutions actually carry the regular, i.e. at least four times annual appearance of a technical periodical?

The second question follows directly: Is the aimed target group reached really best with this medium - and not with mailing, newsletter or internet?

If both answers have a positive output, classified contents have to be specified. This is important, since it facilitates orientation for the reader and suggests to him also topics from the columns in the next booklet.

Top managers do have plenty of time and want to be able to inform themselves with regard to the future and fast. Accordingly they have special visual and understanding requirements for printed matters: It must be attracitve, provide an overview and has to be fluently written. And above all it must have visual qualities, which facilitate a reading and are eye-catching. The magazine for decision makers has to comply with that, otherwise it does not have any chance to assert itself against purchase magazines.

The consequence: In the magazine for decision makers the rate of pictures usually outweighs that of the text. So one must constantly try with variant-rich concepts to connect customer use and reader expectations.

Corporate Design

2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr