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Who does not have any time for education has no future

Informations flood us every day - nevertheless which of it becomes knowledge? And which of it becomes being available competence? Custom-made advanced training is a good possibility of learning within a short time exactly what is used for new challenges.

The fact that continuing training is guarantor to get ahead in the life and profession is probably undisputed. Who really wants something to learn, which is also realistically convertible, knows meanwhile that a perfect seminar show is not everything. Technical qualification and developing the own personality earned themselves longly a respectable background. Professional advancement is closely interweaved with the interests of enterprise, a commitment of management and employees within the education range happens not only to in order to motivate the employees, but also in order to lead them. Then one can work also together on a strategy promising meaningful for enterprises and employees.

Since training and knowledge transfer are not a standardized process, we set at the time of the organization and execution of our seminars on individuality and identity. Continuing training supports considerably the competitive ability and the development potential of an enterprise - completely independent of the respective business objective.

We offer a comprehensive training and further training with standard seminars and individual intensive seminars particularly for the qualification of your employees/project teams as well as for special requirements.

We develop user-specific, technical and strategic trainings for you and your employees. Their defaults are crucial thereby!

2006-09-24 ITTC Management Consultation Mag. Dr. Ingrid Muhr